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  1. Our experience with the Sanchez family was amazing. We traveled over 3hrs from Northern California to select a puppy from Brodie and Becca in the spring of 2021. Our Copper Boom is the best. He is the perfect fit for our family and we love him dearly. He loves to swim, play fetch and camp with us. Loves walks and trips to the dog park. Amazing temperament!! Loves all people and dogs. Especially loves kids. A huge teddy bear (and sometimes scaredy cat). Has alerted us to a bear in camp in the middle of the night. Such a good boy!!

  2. Sanchez Goldens owners are amazing, friendly and breed some of the healthiest and good looking puppies. My puppy is almost 9 months now and getting bigger every day! Very good and very amazing experience with Sanchez Goldens and the owners.

  3. Thank you Molly, it was a pleasure meeting you and your mother. Tan was a perfect fit for you and I know the bond you’ll have with her will be priceless.
    Thank you for choosing us to feel your void and taking one of ours as your FUREVER companion.

  4. We had a great experience with Sanchez Goldens! Great communication from the owners and gorgeous puppies! We’re so happy with our little lady pup and she is already making our home brighter. Thank you!

  5. Met the owners of Sanchez Goldens and the beautiful puppies available. Parents of pup was Dallas and Stella who were stunning. Had the opportunity to re-home a beautiful male.
    Thank you for such a wonderful quality pup.

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